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Business Cards
We can work with you to create a custom style layout for your business cards or can utilize a more standard layouts.
  • Specifications: Standard Business Card size is 3.5" x 2". The standard Printing Area on Business Cards is 3.25" x 1.75", leaving a 1/4" blank margin all around the card.
  • Inks: Business Cards are Thermographed (Printed with Raised Ink). Regular Thermography is NOT suitable for Laser Printers (Do NOT run your business card thru a Laser Printer or Copier!). We will not thermograph a solid area more than 1/2 the size of a business card. Only 10% screens are available. Bleeds may occur on no more than 2 sides of any one business card.
  • Foil: Certain type (small or thin) is not suitable for Foil Stamping. We will not foil stamp a solid area more than 1/4 the printing area of a card. On Business Cards which contain Raised ink and Foil Stamping, the two may not occur within 1/32" of each other. Screens and bleeds are not available for Foil Stamping.
  • Stock: Various Business Card stocks of the best quality are available. Recycled stocks meet EPA specifications for recycled paper.
Need a little help with your business card layout. See our how-to-do-it article



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