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Custom printing isn't custom printing if one size fits all. Your job is guaranteed to be correct or you don't pay. That's our "No Hassles" guarantee.


West Printing Company

West Printing Company is a Toledo, Ohio family owned professional print provider. We serve clients throughout the USA who appreciate the value of the personal services they receive.

You will enjoy talking with us and find comfort in knowing that you will get the results you anticipate on every printed piece. Nothing is cut and paste at West Printing. Whether your job is a business card, newsletter, brochure, internal form or stationery, it is fussed over as if it were our own.

The golden rule, rules at West Printing.  We know that if we don’t do an outstanding job, on every job, the odds are you won’t ask again.  So, it becomes easy for us to give the golden “No Hassles” guarantee. “If you are unhappy with our service-you don’t owe us a dime”… and we may even pay you for your trouble if things should go awry.

Can you think of any other printing company you have ever known that would put their money where their mouth is, so-to-speak.

For print-buying newbies, if that is how you would classify yourself, you will find great benefit in reading our primer on how to get you job ready to print.  For seasoned print buyers be sure to download a copy of the job-prep overview.

Some folks want to know what our specialty or capability is. Some don’t care; they just want their job done right the first time at a competitive price.  Suffice it to say our specialty is printing with ink on sheets of paper.  Single color and all colors. So, unless you need a newspaper or magazine, we can probably help you.

We Printing Company does specialize in two things. 1. Understanding what you want and 2. Delivering on time.

While the internet is a great tool to help us do what we do, it cannot replace the personal touch.

West Printing operates in a hi-tech environment while mixing in digital age functions and technology.  Why should you care? Because time is money.  Some jobs are meant for our skilled press operators who use the finest ink pigments and other jobs are meant for the digital press that can turnaround a four-color job in minutes.

All printers are not the same. Your mission is to find one that is right for your company. To Illustrate, think of your own company. You have competitors. Some bigger, some smaller. What is it you can do for your customers that keep them coming back? It works the same way for print professionals.

West Printing is not a be-all, end-all printer. Even though we may be able to print something, it does not mean we will or even that you should hire us to do so.  But one thing for certain, we will be able to tell you when our efficiencies are not matched for your job.  And, that is money in the bank for you.

The most profitable phone call or email you can make is the one to us.  Because, we will help you and guide you to determine if we can meet your need.  “Yes” or “No” is always more profitable than “maybe”, Consider the time and expense you will be saving when you have the confidence to get things done With West Printing.


Call us at (419) 246-0867 or email: You can also find many more sources on our website to help you get going at


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