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West Printing, 327 12th Street, Toledo, Ohio. (419) 246-0857 wants to be your print professional. Toledo's West Printing Company knows that trust is something earned. Clients are never taken as granted.  We do our very best to understand your need and desired results.  You are not a number here.  Every one of our clients is valuable and given the utmost respect. Call us today (419) 246-0857 and someone nice will answer.

If you are looking for that special print professional to meet your unique need, we have many references.  Naturally, all of our references are good ones ;-)

For the very best print service you can find anywhere, you will want to investigate the fine staff at West Printing Company in Toledo. If you are not in Toledo, that is okay, we can ship UPS to wherever you are. We have local delivery via our truck to the metropolitan area every day. Other places are shipped UPS or BAX Global. 

Why choose us?  For one reason, there is simply no substitute for experience, skill and the desire to provide the absolute best service anywhere.  If you have known other print professionals and have not done business with us yet, then you should know that we are the printer you wish you had.

West Printing Company is a professional printing service located in the Uptown District of Toledo, Ohio.  Our typical clients are locally owned businesses that rely on us for our expertise with printing their marketing brochures, newsletters, stationery envelopes, letterhead, business cards, presentation folders and internal use forms. Often we also assist with mailing services and database management.

The people at West Printing like to know the clients well enough to anticipate their needs.

That is why we do not refer to clients as “customers”.  After all, what would you rather be? A client or a customer?  If you answered customer, we are not going to be a good fit for your business. You will be better served elsewhere.

At West Printing, we understand and nurture the lifetime value of clients. Isn’t that the way you prefer to be treated? We thought so.

If you need a quote and prefer to do it online rather than contact us directly, you may do so by completing the handy “quote form” on our website.  Simple navigate to and click on the “Request a Quote” button in the middle of the page.

If you want to upload a file for us to review or print, navigate to and click on the “Upload Files” button, also in the middle of the page.

Is that easy or what?

To contact us: West Printing, 327 12th Street, Toledo, Ohio 43604.  Telephone: (419) 246-0857, fax (419) 244-8653, email:

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