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5 Costly Misconceptions About Printing
Misconception #1 :

Printers need only one or two days to print a job.

False. The average turnaround for a printing company is one week. We also know of companies that ask for up to three weeks. You need to ask the printer for the typical lead time required. Printers are always pushed to meet deadlines and rush jobs are very, very difficult. When presented with rush orders, printers bypass all the normal safety devices that are put in place to prevent mistakes. Be courteous to your printer's turnaround and you will get a higher quality job at a better price.
Misconception #2 :

All printers are the same.

False. All printers are not the same. You need to look and look until you find the company that will best suit your company's needs. Printing materials are a very integral part of your business and you need to be able to communicate that to your printer. You also need to know that you can truest them. Don't tolerate mistakes on orders, poor quality, and late deliveries.
Misconception #3 :

Having the right equipment is all a company needs to print your jobs.

False. Many companies own very expensive equipment, but very few companies teach their employees how to operate the equipment properly. This is why it is important to choose a printer carefully. Without proper training it takes operators longer to print the job and they have a higher rate of waste. You pay for the employee's training and mistakes.
Misconception #4 :

The company that offers the lowest price is the company you should hire.

False. We have seen so many problems arise from lowest-bid companies that we suggest you NEVER hire the company that quotes the cheapest price. The 3 most common problems are:
1. They typically don't stand behind their product if there is a problem. You could have a big fight on your hands if there is a problem with the job.

2. They typically have the lowest quality. Your printed material is your image. It indirectly comments on your professionalism, the tone of your office, your standards of quality, and how long you have been in business. Every company needs as much credibility as it can get. If you choose the wrong printer, it could tarnish the image which you have worked so hard to build.

3. The price you were quoted is not the price they ask you to pay. Unscrupulous companies will come to you before the job is complete and say they added incorrectly or forgot something and the price should be a higher amount. If you're not wise to this trick you will tend to tell them to go ahead because you really don't have a way out at this point. Be careful.

Misconception #5 :

That you don't have to be loyal to any one or two printers.

False. Printers are like any other business. They take care of their loyal clients with higher quality work and on-time deliveries. One-time orders are the ones that get bumped when the shop is full and they can't help everyone. Printers will work overtime for loyal clients and not charge a rush charge. Don't make your printer feel that he must quote every job and that if he is off by $2 or so that you will go somewhere else. Price shopping clients are not wanted and most printers fire their bad clients by raising prices, increasing lead times, and providing poor service.



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