Microsoft Publisher Printing Tips

by West Printing Company-Toledo Ohio

Printing projects designed from Microsoft Publisher can be one of the most powerful means a small business owner uses to stay in front of qualified prospects as well as customers.

West Printing Company identified this need early on with clients but not entirely in the way you would expect. We have become Microsoft Publisher Experts through problem solving experience :-)

You see, we print professionals are the ones that end up doing the actual printing of the newsletter for our client’s distribution. Challenges abound. But we accept it and even encourage it as a part of the entrepreneurial business model. So don't hold back with this great little software. You can be an Microsoft Publisher Expert too with a little guidance and the desire to learn from your mistakes.

While Publisher is probably the most user friendly and powerful layout program there is for the money, it still takes some knowledge to get what you want from it.

All to often clients do not invest to train the person who writes the newsletter for the company. Consequently, West Printing often gets files that simply are not ready to print. Fixing files, while frustrating for you and us, is also a revenue center. Thank you very much

Publisher comes with many templates that totally eliminate the need for you to be a crack designer. Just pick a template and start filling in the blanks. Microsoft Publisher has ample graphics and illustrations as part of the program. You can also go to the Publisher website to get more, free. Here’s a link for MSOffice clipart

While that is easy to do, this is also where the novice gets into trouble. Not all graphics and illustrations are equal. The in-house designer needs to learn the differences between hi-resolution and low-resolution file formats. Generally, you are safe with files having EPS or Tiff extensions.  Maybe those with JPG extensions will be “OK”, but its best to stay away from GIF, PNG and others that maybe more suitable for web graphics.  They look good on the screen but print ugly. Same goes for anything you capture from a web page. What you see is not what you get, for printing purposes that is.

Further, many novices get into trouble by using too many fonts. Limit yourself to two or three font families that are already in your computer’s font directory.

Stay clear of those CD’s of 500 fonts you can buy for $10 at Office Depot and the like.

Why? Well, one of the things you need to use is Publishers “Pack and Go” feature found under the file menu. While we may be able to print your newsletter if you do not use this feature, you are running a risk of raising the cost of printing when fonts and graphics are not properly embedded.

Something new for 2007 is Publishers latest release. Version 2007 now has the capability to save your document as a PDF without having the full version of Adobe Acrobat. For complete instruction on how to save your Microsoft Publisher file as a PDF, you can go to this link

PDF is like a mason jar your grandmother used to preserve stuff from her garden.  Except, PDF (portable document file) preserves your publisher file, fonts and graphics so that anyone with a PDF reader, e.g. Acrobat Reader can view and print your file just as you created it.

 Steve Robison is the owner of West Printing, a Microsoft Publisher Service Partner and a specialist with Microsoft Publisher for over 10 years. To get straight up advice and more information about the uses of Microsoft Publisher browse to and click on the resources tab. You can also call us at (419) 246-0857, someone nice will answer.