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Business Cards Get Beefy

Customers Now Demanding Sturdy Calling Cards

Just as a firm handshake commands immediate attention and respect, so too can your business card.  Wimpy calling cards are a thing of the past. Printers are “beefing” up the paper stocks used to create business cards.

Printers across the country are now regularly producing business cards on more sturdy paper stocks, typically 25-35% heavier than the 80# standard they have historically used.

Customers have noticed the trend, especially when they receive a sturdy card. Now, more are demanding the heavier paper stocks for their business cards rather than just accepting the former 80# standard, and comparably thinner paper stock. Heavier business cards are viewed as a professional marketing advantage, a sign of stability, confidence and trust.

“Printers have been making business cards since the days of Benjamin Franklin”, explains Steve Robison, owner of West Printing Company in Toledo, “but recently have paper companies begun distribution of heavier stocks in ream quantity. Because your local printer can now buy the 100-130# heavyweight paper in ream quantities, everyone may find purchasing 500 or 1000 cards on a “meaty” stock weight quite affordable.”

And it’s not just business cards that have made the switch. Mailing cards and oversized postcards typically printed on gloss stock are trending to significant heavier weights.

“We still have a way to go though for variety. Most of the heavy, beefed-up cardstock now available, is some shade of white”, says Robison. “We have hundreds of free paper samples available for clients to view or take back to the office. We also mail them or put them on the daily delivery truck for office managers who find it difficult to get away.”


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